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The book of Job is one of my favorite books till date. I can remember picking up my bible to read the first two chapters. It was so captivating that I kept reading until I got through the whole book.
Job was such an upright and wealthy man by all standards. The devil told God that if Job’s wealth was taken away, he would forsake God. God allowed the devil to take all he had but instructed the devil never to touch Job’s life. The book of Job further tells the story of how job handled his predicament.
Today post reviews our relationship with God, how we react to an adverse situation and what Jobs story has taught me.

What’s your relationship status with God?

God loves us and wants a relationship with us. Is your relationship with God always a call whenever you are in need. As children of God, we ought to develop a sincere relationship with God. We need to communicate daily through the word, prayers, and meditation. We need to have the Holy Spirit present in our hearts. Trust me when I say he’s always there.

Reacting to an adverse situation

The devil comes to steal, kill and destroy. Trials happen, Everyone goes through rough patches in life. How you handle it determines your outcome. The devil is a limited creature; he manipulated job’s wealth, kids, appearance but didn’t have access to jobs life. Unfavorable situations will come but those that put there trust in God will never be disappointed. To be ready for times like this, fix your heart to God like a glue on paper. No matter the situation, rely on and trust him. Job’s wife asked him to curse God and die but he didn’t pay attention cause his heart was fixed on his maker. Job loved God so much and when his wife told him to curse God, he paid no attention because his heart was established with God.

Lessons learned from Job story

The book of Job carries a lot of lessons. I have learned a lot from this book.
In any situation you find yourself trust God.
Job prayed, there are a lot of trials out there and how we tackle them is through prayer. we need to fight by praying and let God do his part.
Long-suffering is one of the fruits of the spirit. Job exhibited spiritual growth and was highly blessed by God in the end.
Job regained everything he lost in a double fold.
I want to let you know that the devil is so small and can be defeated. fear not for the devil is limited. Once we put our trust in God and follow his ways, he will always defend us. The path may not be easy but it’s worth the travel. Stay blessed!

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  1. ugochukwu says:

    Nice one. Dear
    “I know my redeemer lives.” Believe that God will rescue You.
    And he will because God is with us.

    1. Ogochukwu N says:

      Thank you

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