Jesus is the only way to Joy

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Hello everyone! Greetings in Jesus name. Jesus is the only way to Joy!

Nobody wants to be needy in life. Everyone desires to have a successful, happy and fulfilled life.

People of this world put their trust in their government, qualifications, fame, connections, skills, experience, etc. They are always disappointed because it fails them. They end up in depression, bills, short-lived success, illnesses, protests, hate, etc. We are to put our trust in Jesus because He is the only way to genuine joy.

Biblical example of a woman in need

There are several examples of people who had needs in the bible.

Luke 8:43- 48 tells the story of the woman with the issue of blood. She was sorrowful for twelve years. The day she touched the hem of Jesus garment, she was free and joyful.

So, if you are like this woman who has been sad over the years. It could be sickness, delay in life, lack, in-balance in your spiritual life, etc. Reach out to Jesus and you will be free. May the Lord who healed this woman give you the freedom that will lead to unending joy in your life in Jesus name.

Jesus is the only way

There are no shortcuts. Jesus is the only way to jubilation. Accept Jesus, follow Him, obey His word, put all your trust in him and watch him give you unquenchable joy.

Salvation Message

God loves us

God loves us all that was why he sent his only son to die for our sins. So, we can be in freedom. His desire is that we receive him and abide in Him so that He can perfect our life.

Start a relationship with God

Salvation is the only route to become heirs with Christ. When you become heirs with Christ, you are entitled to his Kingdom.

Relationship with Christ is choosing to walk with Him. Once you realize your sin and ask for mercy, He will help you to become holy. The only thing that prevents us from relationship with christ is SIN. Sin separates us from God because He is holy. (Isaiah 59:2)

What is sin?

All unrighteousness is sin (1John 5:7)

Sin includes; unbelief, disobedience, un-forgiveness, vain imaginations, strife, bitterness, malice, covetousness, lies, blasphemy, fornication, adultery, masturbation, prostitution, homosexuality, lesbianism, swearing, palm reading, stealing, etc.

Righteousness invites joy

If you are living in any form of sin. Change your ways, Ask God for mercy and walk with Him. There is no sin too hard for him to forgive. (Isaiah 1:18-19) He is the God of second chances. Amend your ways so that you make heaven on the last day. When you are right with God, you will experience Joy (Psalm 92:12). If you want to give your life to Jesus Christ, say the prayer below.


Dear Father, I come before you and ask that you forgive me my sins (confess your sins). I am sorry and ask that you forgive me. I believe that you died on the cross for my sins. I believe you resurrected on the third on the third day. I surrender my life to you Lord. Come into my life and become my Lord and personal saviour. Thank you for your mercy. i ask that you teach me, guide my paths and preserve me for heaven at last.

Congratulations! Now that you’re saved, please find a bible believing church to continue this process and maintain your salvation.

If you received Christ today or have questions, I will love to hear from you. Email me at or message me on Instagram, or Facebook

These words are not for condemnation but for conviction. I Love you all with the love of the lord. Stay blessed!

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