How to achieve your goals for the new year

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goals for the new year

Hello ladies and gentlemen! I bring you greetings in the name of Jesus. It is 2021! Now is the time to set goals for the new year. I have been away for a long time, but I must confess that 2020 was a great year. Honestly, I am thankful to God for sustaining and guiding me throughout 2020. 

Have you ever wondered why most of the goals you set never matures? Why are new year resolutions abandoned after 2-3 months?

In today’s post, I will be sharing the secret to achieving all your goals in 2021.

What is the purpose of a new year?

Change the former way of life that was part of the person you once were, corrupted by deceitful desires. Instead, renew the thinking in your mind by the Spirit and clothe yourself with the new person created according to God’s image in justice and true holiness.

Ephesians 4:22-24 CEB

A new year is a fresh start, a new beginning. As children of God, It is a time to reflect and take stock of your life, measure success and failure, and create a plan. It is essential to have the right motivation to embark and complete your goals to be more successful. 

How do we achieve all the goals for the new year? 

 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.

Matthew 6:33 KJV

The secret to accomplishing your goals this year is Jesus Christ. Suppose we seek Christ, His righteousness, holiness, relationship. He will make all things easier for us. If your plan this year is to build a relationship with Christ, serve and obey Him. Then your fitness, financial, travel, spiritual, healthy goals will be a success. 

Seeking Jesus Christ is the key to fulfilling your new year goals

Brothers and sisters, let us make 2021 a resourceful year by following Christ continuously. Jesus Christ is the secret to achieving our new year goals. When you live a well-planned godly life, you will be prosperous and make heaven at last.

My prayer is that we all follow Christ and crush our goals in Jesus name. 

Salvation Message

However, in order to crush your goals, you have to make Jesus Christ Lord and saviour over your life. Without God’s help, your efforts will be pointless. If they eventually yield results it will be short-lived. (Psalm 37:10)

God loves us

God loves us all that was why he sent his only son to die for our sins. So, we can be in freedom. His desire is that we receive him and abide in Him so that He can perfect our life. (John 3:16)

Start a relationship with God

Salvation is the only route to become heirs with Christ. When you become heirs with Christ, you are entitled to his Kingdom. (Acts 4:12)

Relationship with Christ is choosing to walk with Him. Once you realize your sin and ask for mercy, He will help you to become holy. The only thing that prevents us from a relationship with Christ is SIN. Sin separates us from God because He is holy. (Isaiah 59:2)

What is sin?

All unrighteousness is sin (1John 5:7). Sin includes; unbelief, disobedience, un-forgiveness, vain imaginations, strife, bitterness, malice, covetousness, lies, blasphemy, fornication, adultery, masturbation, prostitution, homosexuality, lesbianism, swearing, palm reading, stealing, etc.

God forgives all forms of sin

If you are living in any form of sin. Change your ways, Ask God for mercy and walk with Him. There is no sin too hard for him to forgive. (Isaiah 1:18-19) He is the God of second chances. Amend your ways so that you make heaven on the last day. When you are right with God, you will experience Joy (Psalm 92:12). If you want to give your life to Jesus Christ, say the prayer below.


Dear Father, I come before you and ask that you forgive me of my sins (confess your sins). I am sorry and ask that you forgive me. Today, I believe that you died on the cross for my sins. I believe you resurrected on the third day. I surrender my life to you, Lord. Come into my life and become my Lord and personal saviour. Thank you for your mercy. I ask that you teach me, guide my paths and preserve me for heaven at last.

Congratulations! Now that you’re saved, please find a bible believing church to continue this process and maintain your salvation If you received Christ today or have questions, I will love to hear from you. Email me at or message me on Instagram, or Facebook

These words are not for condemnation but for conviction. I Love you all with the love of the lord.

Stay blessed!

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      Glory to God!

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